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HALO Wars 2 Ultimate

The newest real time strategy game from Microsoft can be played on XBOX consoles, as well as Windows 10 PCs, so it can be considered as a PC Game too.

HALO 2 Wars

This second edition of the classic HALO 2 game returns in a bigger badder version. Most of the action takes place in the legendary Halo destination known as the Ark. Players can easily command overwhelming firepower in big scaled up battles against a new threat facing the UNSC and all of humanity.

The game allows you construct new bases, do up your vehicles and gather your soldiers. Lead them into exciting battles that cover alien environments in a vast collection of campaign and multiplayer maps.

HALO Wars Battlefield

The Multiplayer Warfare modes allow you topPlay with or against your friends and the Xbox Live community in up to 3v3 matches. Vehicles and troops with explosive firepower, characters with special abilities and enthralling multiplayer modes are at your fingertips as you wage war on a variety of maps.  Additionally the Blitz: Instant Command is an entirely new way to experience Halo Wars and real-time strategy game play. The best way to experience all this is to actually get a trial version and once you play it, we are sure you will buy the full version.

Technomancer- New RPG for Mars fans

Casting you as an robot enabled soldier who works for the corporations in battles on the planet Mars, The Technomancer has quite a different setting for an action Role Playing Game. IN fact it can also be considered as a Serious Game, especially for those keen on learning strategy.


The first requirement is to survive on Mars first, before you can begin the battle. To do this you need to twat the mutants with an electric prod!

Being an RPG though, there’s a big emphasis on choice. You can do lots of things like creep through areas  or set up traps and mines, or zap everybody with the electric prod.

There will be skill trees for the three melee disciplines – sword and gun, staff, or mace and shield – as well as for your electrically-charged powers, on top of general stats.

The game is slated to be available for release on June 28 this year.

Medal of Honor-Pacific Assault to be free?

We really love EA’s On The House program for Origin on PC . It is cool, having given away some superb games for free in the past. The latest game that will be offered free under the “On The House offerings” scheme is rumored to be a n old favorite Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault. Though the game is old, having been first released in 2004, it is still immenely popular among PC gamers worldwide for its action packed sequences and scenarios. In fact, some universities have reportedly used it as a serious game for training.

Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault sells for about $15 US or so. The game itself is pretty good, too, so it’s something you should look into downloading- for free, who can complain? There are no strings attached or any fine print at all- you get the game for free, as long as you have an Origin account. We have not tried it ourselves and have no idea if this is just a rumor or actually true. If you love the game then its worth going to Origin and seeing if it is really available for free.



The main feature of this new rogue game from Skyshine,  is a vehicle that is named the “Dozer” (looks like a modified bulldozer). You man this special vehicle as you are trying to escape from your home in the city of Bysantine (a reference to the Byzantium of ancient times, perhaps?) and safely reach the city of Aztec (referring perhaps to the ancient South American civilization?). Anyway, the raison d’etre is to somehow escape the tyranny of a local warlord-king, who goes by the name of King Viscera. The journey is not smooth however (its an action game, remember?) and you are accosted by various characters such as wandering warriors, groups of fiendishly hostile marauders, mutants, cyborgs and even rogue AI. Also you may run into hostile events that keep you from reaching the safety of Aztec city.

Every turn that you get allows you two actions, that including moving around or attacking an enemy. You use the characters with you to accomplish this however and they may get killed while fighting the enemy. They may use weapons such as “puke” (LOL really) and shotguns to make them into a pile of bones, literally! Many of the powers that you have are from the Dozer itself and you can use these to heal your compatriots, find hidden food and fuel and locate maps.

Bedlam game

If you battle the various enemies and defeat them, you can capture their dozers as well. These are different from your dozer in that they have special powers. For example a cyborgs dozer can have teleportation powers. Sometimes you also run into special characters called as “Elites”. They are tougher to beat as they have more strength and powers-but it is worth battling them because if you beat them, they join you! Yes and that increases your chances of winning manifold as they now fight for you.

However be sure not to lose all the passengers and compatriots on your dozer, because once that happens, the game ends.

Our review: A very interesting game with lots of twists and turns. It does getting used to, but you start enjoying it after a while. The educational value is not so much ,since there is little strategic depth that the game offers. It is more entertaining than informational.


This is another in the Detective game genre. You are a Police Inspector named Fredrick Jenks (incidentally the name is similar to the Inspector Jenks in the Enid Blyton Five Find Outers childrens adventure book series). You have to find out the real cause of death of a doctorate student in the village, that is shown as a suicide. Your only leads are a handful of clues and some interviews with locals, who are surly and non co-operative in general. The skill lies again in organizing the statements of the locals and listing them in a way that brings out conflicts in different statements and in the body of every statement itself. This is in fact how real detectives work.

If you catch a lie, then you get more information. This allows you to ask more questions and get more answers, all of which may not be truthful. You again try to trap the contradictions and nail the lies, to get at the truth. One advantage of the learning aspects of this game is that it is a ”thinkers game” and not based on some split second pushing of buttons. There is no time pressure at all, allowing you plenty of breathing time to review information, make hunches and proceed.


Contradiction has been filmed in a remote village in Cheshire County in England . When you walk the streets at evening or nighttime, it does give an eerie and scary feel to the game. The music is haunting by Tim Follin.

The only disadvantage of the game is the lack of a good system for keeping track of testimonies of people, by which you can easily spot contradictions. But then I suppose, this will really sharpen your memory and the learning quality of the game is enhanced because of it.