This is another in the Detective game genre. You are a Police Inspector named Fredrick Jenks (incidentally the name is similar to the Inspector Jenks in the Enid Blyton Five Find Outers childrens adventure book series). You have to find out the real cause of death of a doctorate student in the village, that is shown as a suicide. Your only leads are a handful of clues and some interviews with locals, who are surly and non co-operative in general. The skill lies again in organizing the statements of the locals and listing them in a way that brings out conflicts in different statements and in the body of every statement itself. This is in fact how real detectives work.

If you catch a lie, then you get more information. This allows you to ask more questions and get more answers, all of which may not be truthful. You again try to trap the contradictions and nail the lies, to get at the truth. One advantage of the learning aspects of this game is that it is a ”thinkers game” and not based on some split second pushing of buttons. There is no time pressure at all, allowing you plenty of breathing time to review information, make hunches and proceed.


Contradiction has been filmed in a remote village in Cheshire County in England . When you walk the streets at evening or nighttime, it does give an eerie and scary feel to the game. The music is haunting by Tim Follin.

The only disadvantage of the game is the lack of a good system for keeping track of testimonies of people, by which you can easily spot contradictions. But then I suppose, this will really sharpen your memory and the learning quality of the game is enhanced because of it.