Criminal Minds

Criminal Minds


As a game player, you will become part of the Behavioral Analysis Unit of the FBI (no idea if such a unit actually exists in the agency, but for all you know could be). You have been tasked with solving a series of shocking crimes. The entire concept is based on the television series by the same name. You search the crime scene for clues, interview suspects and analyse the evidence to catch the culprits. The scenarios are pretty realistic and there is a lot of learning experience involved. You need to be careful not miss any obvious clues, as well as nonobvious ones.

There are two levels, namely Casual and Expert. The casual mode has sparkles, while the expert mode does not. See an example below.


Needless to say, it is more difficult to solve things at the expert level. You will get a chance to interview suspects in planes, in their houses, in your office as well as a realistic looking interrogation room!

From the main menu, you get to choose your character and other settings such as the volume of the sound.

The game has 2 cases, the second one requires you to solve the first one before you can access it. The second one is also more than three times longer than the first one and is more difficult.

If you are a fan of detective novels like those by Agatha Christie, or Sherlock Holmes, then you will enjoy this game.

This game has several learning features

  1. Develop your power of observation. If you use the Expert level (without sparkles) it takes a lot of effort initially to locate the clues
  2. Organize your clues and make sense of them. This develops your data organizational skills
  3. Lateral thinking- you need to piece all the jigsaw pieces (figuratively speaking) together, before you zero in on the criminal. This includes studying the crime scene, interviewing suspects and putting two and two together. Excellent for developing logical thinking

In our opinion and excellent game and even actual law enforcement agencies can use this for their training of new recruits.