HALO Wars 2 Ultimate

The newest real time strategy game from Microsoft can be played on XBOX consoles, as well as Windows 10 PCs, so it can be considered as a PC Game too.

HALO 2 Wars

This second edition of the classic HALO 2 game returns in a bigger badder version. Most of the action takes place in the legendary Halo destination known as the Ark. Players can easily command overwhelming firepower in big scaled up battles against a new threat facing the UNSC and all of humanity.

The game allows you construct new bases, do up your vehicles and gather your soldiers. Lead them into exciting battles that cover alien environments in a vast collection of campaign and multiplayer maps.

HALO Wars Battlefield

The Multiplayer Warfare modes allow you topPlay with or against your friends and the Xbox Live community in up to 3v3 matches. Vehicles and troops with explosive firepower, characters with special abilities and enthralling multiplayer modes are at your fingertips as you wage war on a variety of maps.  Additionally the Blitz: Instant Command is an entirely new way to experience Halo Wars and real-time strategy game play. The best way to experience all this is to actually get a trial version and once you play it, we are sure you will buy the full version.