Plants versus Zombies

Plants Versus Zombies


This game pits plants against zombies (some kind of robot looking creatures) that will invade the players homes and “eat their brains!”. The only defense against this invasion is a set of plants and fungi, that he can place in the area surrounding his home. The area is divided into about 5 or 6 lanes, that the zombies can take and the player has to strategically place plants, that have different properties in various lanes, to prevent the zombies from entering. This kind of game is called a classic tower defence game. The learning possibilities are understanding the concept of “Layers of Protection” widely used in many fields, from Industrial Safety systems to security of critical installations. The concept is that no attacker should be able to penetrate the defense (Tower) with just one breach. Thus if one thinks of a castle, then there are different layers such as a moat, filled with crocodiles and piranha, then a drawbridge, then guards on the watch tower who can shoot arrows, etc. So the attacker cannot enter based on just one victory.

Similarly in this game one can select different types of plants and mushrooms to prevent the attacking zombies. One such example is the Magnet-shroom, which can remove any metallic items from a zombie, such as helmets, ladders, and even pogosticks.