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Technomancer- New RPG for Mars fans

Casting you as an robot enabled soldier who works for the corporations in battles on the planet Mars, The Technomancer has quite a different setting for an action Role Playing Game. IN fact it can also be considered as a Serious Game, especially for those keen on learning strategy.


The first requirement is to survive on Mars first, before you can begin the battle. To do this you need to twat the mutants with an electric prod!

Being an RPG though, there’s a big emphasis on choice. You can do lots of things like creep through areasĀ  or set up traps and mines, or zap everybody with the electric prod.

There will be skill trees for the three melee disciplines – sword and gun, staff, or mace and shield – as well as for your electrically-charged powers, on top of general stats.

The game is slated to be available for release on June 28 this year.