Process Safety

Process Safety

This is from Abhisam.


You can play this game online or on your PC. This game helps you gauge how well you know process safety concepts, such as HAZOP, LOPA, Risk Assessment and other such topics very easily.

The game is a football (FIFA) based Penalty Shootout game quiz where you are allowed one penalty kick to start with and as you answer questions correctly, you keep on getting goals.All questions are of the multiple choice, single correct answer format.

At the start you have to enter your name and start. The first question appears. If you answer it correctly, then press the Kick button, you land a goal! If your choice is incorrect and you press the Kick button, you miss, then the goalie saves the goal and flings insults at you, like “Do you need glasses?” etc.

The crowd keeps on roaring and cheering in the background, making it a thrilling experience. The sound effects are great. Many learning games of this genre do not have such realistic sound effects or such a good cast of characters such as the goal keeper, who comes off as a conceited and ill mannered character, who plays his role very well.

The game’s creators say it can be adapted to any topic and not just Process Safety. We selected this because it is unlike any of the other standard ones out there and looks very realistic. The learning outcomes are very straightforward. Either you know the exact answer or you do not. If you answer even 5 of the 8 questions correctly you win the Football (World?) Cup!

Will be very interesting for trainers in the Process Industries such as Oil and Gas, Chemical, Power Generation and so on to evaluate concepts amongst the employees (who are supposed to know them thoroughly well anyway).

To play the game yourself,  click here.